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Archive of: August, 2016

  • "The HUN"...

    Let me introduce you to The Hun: the seriously hot-right-now half-bun hairstyle as seen on Jennifer Lopez, Sienna Miller, Khloe Kardashian, Margot Robbie and Hillary Duff. This hybrid new hair do has been cropping up on celebrity heads for a few months and it is the perfect summer low-key look.
    This low-maintenance style is so easy to achieve, it updates your up-do in seconds, requires minimal time and hardly any styling products. It suits pretty much any hair length and texture and is the perfect way to nail the on-trend undone glamour look.

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  • Craving The Crave

    Craving The Crave

    With fashion taking a slightly nostalgic and retro turn this summer and the 80s being a strong influence on the recent fashion weeks’ runways, the models showcased classic 80s-inspired eye shadows and hair. And what springs to mind when thinking of 80s hair? Crimping’ of course. Crimped hair has a bad reputation, instantly conjuring up thoughts of all things big, frizzy and dry, but think on, for a 2016 modern twist crimping will deliver soft crimped waves which scream part romance, part rock ‘n’ roll.

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  • Bobs go BAD!

    Bobs go BAD!

    Razored, ratty and rebellious – three words you don’t tend to associate with the most classic of hairstyles – the bob.
    Iconic, chic, ultimately timeless and worn the world over, the bob never goes out of fashion and always rules the roost in any hair salon.
    Look up ‘bob’ in the dictionary and you’ll see it described as ‘hair cut short and evenly all the way around the head’. But this season sees the bob take on a whole new meaning.

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  • Let's Twist again...

    Let's Twist again...

    Summer is all about swishy hair – and what better way to swish into summer with these beauties?

    If you thought the humble ponytail was the preserve of down days and gym sessions, then think again: the perfect ponytail is the look of the season.

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  • Lo-Blow...


    With the summer party season in full swing, the A-list celebs are rocking a new look, the ‘lo-blow’. It’s a new wave of glossy hair that doesn’t need hours of preening and prepping. Meet the lo-blow – the new way to look polished without all the hassle.

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