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Colour Love...

Colour Love...

With all the amazing hair colours parading down the high streets this summer it got me thinking about how people look after them.
So I asked a few of my clients how they look after their fabulous hair colour once they leave our salons.

“I try not to use my straightening irons and curling tongs too often.”

This is a very good point. Any mechanical wear and tear won’t only damage your fair but it can even have an effect on your colour, making the ends of your hair quickly lose pigment, resulting in colour fading or patchy colour.

TRY: A heat protection cream or spray is a must-have.

“It’s important to use quality shampoos to keep my colour looking vibrant.”

Using high quality products isn’t something we hairstylists say for the sake of it – especially when it comes to coloured hair. When you have your hair coloured, each strand is filled with colour molecules to change the colour of your hair. Shampoos that aren’t designed specifically for coloured hair will damage those molecules and strip them from your hair. And all that means colour fade.

TRY: Schwarzkopf Professional BC Colour Freeze Cleansing Conditioner

“I keep my ever-changing colour topped up with some semi-permanent colours, it’s fun and I can change my look dramatically.”

Firstly I love this lady’s hair – she’s rocking a pastel jade green at the mo. This is a brilliant way to either top up or change your colour in between salon visits. If you have blonde hair, you can pretty much wash in wash out different colours whenever you feel like it. There are, however, things to look out for. It has to be a direct dye. Anything where you have to mix two substances together and has some sort of developer in will not wash out.

TRY: Schwarzkopf BLONDME Instant Blush

Just remember, give your colour some love!

Come and see our award-winning colourists and stylists in our Cheltenham and Gloucester salons.
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It's party time, writes Cream's Artistic Director Dean Brindley...

It's party time, writes Cream's Artistic Director Dean Brindley...

It’s without doubt one of the highlights of London’s social calendar.
The annual Serpentine Summer Party attracts a stylish set from the world of fashion, music, film, design and art.
This year’s soirée at the pioneering London contemporary art gallery – which was hosted by CHANEL – was no exception.
Arizona Muse, Claudia Schiffer, Sam Rollinson, Rita Ora and Ellie Bamber were all outfitted by the iconic French fashion house.
The A-list were joined by a glittering guest list including Princess Eugenie, Eva Herzigova and Brooklyn Beckham.

A party like this is a must-see for fashion followers because it attracts fashionistas from around the globe, all wearing the most beautiful and outrageous outfits around.
There weren’t many summer shades this year – but lots of ‘summer black’, which turned out to be absolutely stunning.
The exceptions, and my favourites, were a classic nude Chanel gown worn by Claudia Schiffer and a mad rigid pink dress and bright yellow bob worn by the controversial artist Grayson Perry.
There was a strong Gothic theme running through Chanel’s collection on the night which looked incredible – check out Rita Ora for a prime example of how to wear it.
What a night.

For the love of fringe

For the love of fringe

A fringe might appear to be a small hair change, but it can make a serious impact on your overall look – and that’s why this week, our Artistic Director Dean Brindley is loving the fringe.

If you’re fancying a little change or a big style statement, a fringe might just be the way to go. But beware it can be very easy to get it wrong. As I’ve been told by many a client: “I had an awful fringe when I was a little girl.” So be sure to seek advice from a professional. Whether it’s a side fringe, a bob with a fringe or straight cut bangs, I look to the celebs for some fringe inspiration

How about…Cara Delivigne’s short, icy crop? Bella Hadid’s sleek bob with a concave fringe? Mica Arganaraz’s curly, heavy fringe? Ariana Grande’s lightened fringe?

There are so many options – even faux fringes with an up do, a la Bella Hadid.

So why not embrace the fringe? Call our expert stylists and colourists on 01242 579609 or 01452 305926 and we’ll get to work. Or you can check out our award-winning collections and book online at

We were up against stiff competition, but thanks to hundreds of you lovely people voting for us, we’ve been crowned Best Hair Salon in Gloucestershire in the Muddy Stilettos Awards 2017.

We were up against stiff competition, but thanks to hundreds of you lovely people voting for us, we’ve been crowned Best Hair Salon in Gloucestershire in the Muddy Stilettos Awards 2017.

Muddy Stilettos is a great blog, an urban guide to the countryside – basically a little black book of everything that’s cool about Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds.

From amazing restaurants to hip hotels, fantastic art galleries and theatres, the best bars and fashion, beauty and travel, Muddy Stilettos has become a bit of a bible, which is why we’re so proud to be part of it.

The Awards, which took place in June, celebrated the very best businesses in lots of categories, from bookshops to beauty salons, farm shops to chic country pubs. We were up against five great Gloucestershire businesses in the Best Hair Salon category – Ashley Paul in Gloucester; Harriet’s Organic Hairdressing and The Beauty Barn in Stroud and Cheltenham’s Ella Hair and Beauty Salon, all worthy winners.

So it was a nail-biting morning for our teams in our Cheltenham and Gloucester salons as the voting deadline loomed. At times it was pretty neck-and-neck, but you voted in your hundreds for us, and by the time entries closed, we were in the lead with a massive 34.5% of the vote.

Thanks to all of you who clicked on the links we posted on our social media sites. We were so, so made up to win – and the next time you come into our salons, you’ll be able to see our shiny new trophies. We’ll add them to the cabinets of awards we’ve already won, including two-times Wales & West Hairdresser of the Year in the British Hairdressing Awards.

At Cream, we’re continually striving to stay ahead of the pack with cutting-edge techniques in our own in-house training academy, plus lots of national magazine cover work, conferences and overseas work in places like New York and India.

But we couldn’t do it without you, our fantastic clients. Thanks for keeping us at the top of our game. You’re amazing.

New York is always a great idea, writes Cream's Customer Care Director Holly Steele.

New York is always a great idea, writes Cream's Customer Care Director Holly Steele.

I’ve just started an adventurous journey across New York city, exploring all aspects of life in the Big Apple as well as visiting the must-see sights such as Broadway, Times Square and Central Park – and every other opportunity that crossed my path.

I wanted to share a small snippet regarding the hair and fashion trends that caught my eye during my trip. After all…..New York is one of the global fashion capitals of the 20th century.

Hot summer, hot hair…
Fifth Avenue isn’t just a great place for shopping all the big name brands such as Chanel, Gucci and Tiffany, but it was a fantastic place to pinpoint some up-and-coming hairstyles.

The gents were clean shaven with well-maintained. longer hair styles – not a skin fade in sight.

It seems we’ve outgrown the fade and these longer natural styles are back. The girls were perfectly groomed and polished with super-sleek hairstyles and a deep centre parting, plus a lot of low buns and chignons – a style which segues straight from the office to the cocktail party.

Drinking an iced chai latte from the local coffee bar, I took a minute to admire the contrast to the hairstyles I’d previously seen on Fifth Avenue. They were pretty simplistic, but the finish on the hair was different; embracing natural hair texture with the dropped-out curls look. Hair was effortlessly glamourous and very casual and I did even notice a few micro braids appearing every now and again.
To achieve some of the New York looks, I’ve put together a list of products to help…

Osis+ Damped
A wet-look pompade to create a super-slick hairstyle with added shine – it helps to grip all those baby hairs in place

Glamination Air-dry Salt Mist
A lightweight spray full of coconut oil and sea salt to create a tousled texture, it also has added bonus of UV protection. Great for embracing a natural hair texture with a touchable finish.

Osis+ Sparkler
My favourite and my go-to at every opportunity! Sparkler is a shine spray that instantly adds mirror-like shine to the hair, controls flyaway frizz, detangles and lightly conditions. It’s a brilliant all round product.

Fashion frenzy
Strolling through Central Park with an ice cream, I was surrounded by floral prints and all occasion dresses. It’s a casual, cool outfit paired with a statement bag and oversized sunglasses – perfect.

In the heat of summer in downtown Soho I noticed fiery coppers and Moroccan teds creeping into fashion. We don’t usually see an appearance from these colours until mid-autumn. It was a very urban and unique part of the city, and fashion trends were above and beyond basic. Street styles in Soho would be anything from oversized trousers to mesh tops – it was very individual to say the least.
There was definitely a Sex and the City vibe around the Wall Street financial district, with New Yorkers wearing satin shirts, wide-leg trousers and heels as tall as the building surrounding the city. And they were all neutrals – peaches and cream.

Holly’s handbag essentials
There were so many sights to see and places to explore, my week in the Big Apple was very fast paced with minimal time for hair styling. My handbag essentials for on the spot glamourous hair are as follows…

Session Label Powder Cloud
My go-to for instant volume, texture and refreshment in one pump of super light powder mist which smells great too!

Session Label Super Dry Fix
For maximum shape holding – great for flyaway hair in windy weather.

Dressing for work is as easy as ABC, says Artistic Director Dean Brindley...

Dressing for work is as easy as ABC, says Artistic Director Dean Brindley...

As I did my daily commute to work today, I came across an article about the Chinese airline Hainan Airlines.

The marketing people have just released images of their new cabin crew uniform – which is basically a haute couture collection that looks like it’s come straight from the Paris Fashion Week runway.

It’s the biggest civilian-run transport company in the world and the fourth biggest airline in terms of fleet size in China, so it’s not surprising they’re on it.

But it got me thinking, do people make an effort to look good at work? Or is it a case of throwing on anything just to get out of the door on time in the morning? It’s been a long – and, I’m going – debate among people I know whether it’s good, bad, important, unimportant etc etc.

So I’ve been looking into some of the best hair creations to wear in the office.

1. Simple swept braid
Pull your hair to one side and simply loosely braid it and secure with a hair band. It’s the perfect ‘I’ve made an effort but I’m not on a night out’ look.

2. Low chignon
Divide your hair into three sections – one in the centre at the back of your head and one behind each ear. Take a 5cm section underneath the centre section and backcomb, then do the same to the top section. Pull them into a ponytail and tease it out to give it volume. Grab the ends of your ponytail and twist it around, forming a chignon, pinning as you go. Split the right section into three, twist them towards the back and pin. Repeat with the left side.

3. Messy bun
First, gather your hair into a high ponytail, then twist it to create a loose bun by wrapping the hair around itself. Secure with a band and pins, before pulling out sections to loosen. Pretty, and not try-hard.

4. High show pony
First, blow dry hair as smoothly as possible, then use styling irons to finish the job – but be careful not to make it poker-straight, to allow for subtle, textured movement. Add plenty of cream polish to tame any fly-aways and add depth before you plait, twist or pony. Again, finish with quality hair and shine sprays. This says you mean business.

5. Easy wave
Taking a good styling wand, pick up even horizontal sections around the head, wrapping the hair in the same direction around the curling tong. Brush out the hair – you can be quite ruthless – then use a good quality serum to tame the hair and mould into shape. It’s a great day-to-night look.

Last week's heatwave has been playing havoc with our hair

Last week's heatwave has been playing havoc with our hair

It was perfect for Glastonbury Festival 2017 (Official) – but last week’s heatwave has been playing havoc with our hair. Artistic Director Dean Brindley offers his advice..

As we’ve just had the hottest few days we’ve seen in as long as we can remember, I thought I should give you some quick tips on how to keep your hair in the best shape – whether you’re out in the great British sunshine or on your holidays.

Hair care is a must.
Heat will dry out the moisture in your hair just as much as it does your skin. As we all know, you should use a moisturiser or after-sun every time you’ve been out in the heat, and it’s no different for your hair. There is a simple process that we should adhere to when in the sun, and it is as simple as these three easy steps ….

1. Wash
Suncare shampoo is formulated to gently soothe sun-stressed hair and scalp, and sets up your hair for more of the sun’s rays the next day.

2. Moisturise
You need to keep your hair as moisturised as much as possible before and after your day in the sun.

3. Protect
There are many benefits to using a protection product – the most vital is that it will protect your hair and scalp from UV rays, but most also guard against free radicals and colour-fade. Other formulas can be beautifully cosmetic, with shimmer oils and glows to give you a sun-kissed look from day one. And don’t forget…REPEAT. It’s essential you carry out your haircare routine every time you’ve been in the sun.

Dean’s hero products:
Schwarzkopf Professional BC Sun Protect range which includes shampoo, spray conditioner, treatment and a shimmer oil spray. Products are packed with Vitamin E and nourishing Monoï Oil de Tahiti, which replenishes and adds shine.

Summer colour trends

Summer colour trends

Thanks to this, the longest heatwave in 20 years, the sun is well and truly out this week.

And so it’s time to get that hair colour ready for summer. Here are my go-to looks this season.

As monotone fashion is pretty much a staple now, it was only a matter of time before it reflected in hair colour. This is perfect for all complexions because it’s just as warm as it is cool.

Sunset hair
Imagine the colours of a sunset just before it disappears from the beaches of Ibiza – golds, coppers, brownish reds…. These are rich colours that will make you feel warm and sun-drenched, and what’s not to love about that?

It’s the colour that everyone blonde has been tempted with – platinum that just edges on a silver hue. It’s almost a clean, icy white, but it’s not for the faint hearted, and could take some work.

Auburn balayage
As it looks like the balayage is here to stay, it’s nice to mix it up a little by changing the tones of the ends – or even the whole lot. One of my favourites is the auburn balayage where the burnt, brownish-red gives really natural-looking colour.

Surfer balayage
This is an extreme version of the balayage, which generally goes best on natural blonde hair. It maxes out the blonde ends to look like you’ve been a surfer in Hawaii all summer.

Creamy platinum
A beautiful creamy blonde which looks amazing as a solid colour, and it pretty much suits all skin types.

So if you want to embrace our summer – at least while it lasts (and it’s set to be a gorgeous weekend too) – why not pop in to our Cheltenham or Gloucester salons and see one of our colour experts for some tips, advice and ideas?

We’ve just been named Best Hair Salon 2017 in the Muddy Stilettos (Gloucestershire) Awards, so you’ll be in the best hands.

A tale of two halves....

A tale of two halves....

Last week, our very own Will Eagles was lucky enough to have the chance to assist the great Tyler Johnston at the Schwarzkopf ProfessionalEuropean tour at the Art Deco theatre The Troxy. Here’s what he had to say about it…

A career highlight has well and truly been added to my list. Schwarzkopf Professional’s London production was amazing and I was so proud to be part of it. The ever-evolving, uber cool, fashion forward hair brand played host to their Essential Looks European Showcase, held at The Troxy in east London.

The Troxy is a beautiful Art Deco theatre and music venue and was the perfect setting for the esteemed audience of nearly 2,000 industry greats and international guests there to witness an incredible evening of hair.

I was part of the Schwarzkopf ambassadorial artistic team, helping Schwarzkopf’s global director Tyler Johnston, global colour queen Lesley Jennison and American celebrity hair guru Kim Vo. Our day started at 6am sharp with a briefing from Tyler who single-handedly creates every image for Schwarzkopf – each and every one more on-trend and more cutting-edge than the last.

Our brief was to help recreate the iconic Essential Looks from this season: Colorama, Opulence, Beat Icon and Hollywood BlondMe. These new incredible collections of cuts, colors and styling will set the trend for all we hairdressers for 2017 and beyond, so the pressure was on. With a tight schedule, more than 50 models and a huge production team we set to work creating amazing looks in preparation for the evening show. With make-up, full dress reherasals, choreography and the hairdressing press all backstage with us it really was a hive of chaotic, creative lunacy that I loved every single second of

With showtime fast approaching, the audience took their seats. And with the show being broadcast live across social media channels, the atmosphere was electric. Watching it all unfold on the monitors backstage, it was an amazing show and a memory I’ll never forget. It was a true career highlight that I was honoured to be a part of.

Cream’s Artistic Director Dean Brindley was on the other side, taking in the spectacular show. Here’s what he had to say.

It all kicked off with Shirley Bassey’s Big Spender, accompanied by go go dancers who set the scene for a big night of entertainment. First up were the amazing hair artists X-presion Creativos with their Pixel and Skyline colour work, which was just incredible. Check out their Instagram at @xpresioncreativos.

They were followed by Hooker & Young and then session guru and global hair icon John Vial from Salon Sloane. Then there was a Schwarzkopf BlondMe battle between Lesley Jennison and celeb stylist Kim Vo. They created some stunning blondes from rosé to icy silver. And then it was the main man Tyler with a creation of the epic new Schwarzkopf Essential Looks collection.

It’s well worth checking out.

After the the incredible show, it was time for one of Schwarzkopf’s famous after-parties. But being a true gent, I couldn’t possibly talk about that…..It was a great night with truly inspirational hair work and a great night had by Will and I.

Hands-on colour with Scott Smurthwaite and Dean Brindley at COLOURWORLDUK.

Hands-on colour with Scott Smurthwaite and Dean Brindley at COLOURWORLDUK.

Last weekend saw the UK’s hair colour giants host their annual event, COLOURWORLDUK.

It’s where the industry’s top colourists, ambassadors and business gurus gather to share knowledge and the latest techniques.

The scene is set for this showcase in the hip surroundings of London’s Shoreditch. It’s staged in an old, brick motors warehouse, and an iron beams, floor-to-ceiling windows kind of place.

There are no rows or runways – mostly, it involves short 20-minute seminars from the cream of UK hairdressing, sharing their experience and the stuff that’s made them great. Skyler London, Francesco Group, Richard Ward and The Chapel were among the dozens of salon businesses there.

We watched some really creative work with a lot of onus on pastels and bright colours. Scott led an inspirational talk on the business side of colour, and the importance of colour to the world of hairdressing. There was even a talk from the godfather of hairdressing, Trevor Sorbie himself.

All in all, an inspirational day was had by all – and the after-party wasn’t too bad either!

Thinking of changing your colour? Come and see our expert colorists in our award-winning Cream salons in Cheltenham or Gloucester. Visit for details of our latest collections, and to book online.

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