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Summer colour trends

Summer colour trends

Thanks to this, the longest heatwave in 20 years, the sun is well and truly out this week.

And so it’s time to get that hair colour ready for summer. Here are my go-to looks this season.

As monotone fashion is pretty much a staple now, it was only a matter of time before it reflected in hair colour. This is perfect for all complexions because it’s just as warm as it is cool.

Sunset hair
Imagine the colours of a sunset just before it disappears from the beaches of Ibiza – golds, coppers, brownish reds…. These are rich colours that will make you feel warm and sun-drenched, and what’s not to love about that?

It’s the colour that everyone blonde has been tempted with – platinum that just edges on a silver hue. It’s almost a clean, icy white, but it’s not for the faint hearted, and could take some work.

Auburn balayage
As it looks like the balayage is here to stay, it’s nice to mix it up a little by changing the tones of the ends – or even the whole lot. One of my favourites is the auburn balayage where the burnt, brownish-red gives really natural-looking colour.

Surfer balayage
This is an extreme version of the balayage, which generally goes best on natural blonde hair. It maxes out the blonde ends to look like you’ve been a surfer in Hawaii all summer.

Creamy platinum
A beautiful creamy blonde which looks amazing as a solid colour, and it pretty much suits all skin types.

So if you want to embrace our summer – at least while it lasts (and it’s set to be a gorgeous weekend too) – why not pop in to our Cheltenham or Gloucester salons and see one of our colour experts for some tips, advice and ideas?

We’ve just been named Best Hair Salon 2017 in the Muddy Stilettos (Gloucestershire) Awards, so you’ll be in the best hands.

A tale of two halves....

A tale of two halves....

Last week, our very own Will Eagles was lucky enough to have the chance to assist the great Tyler Johnston at the Schwarzkopf ProfessionalEuropean tour at the Art Deco theatre The Troxy. Here’s what he had to say about it…

A career highlight has well and truly been added to my list. Schwarzkopf Professional’s London production was amazing and I was so proud to be part of it. The ever-evolving, uber cool, fashion forward hair brand played host to their Essential Looks European Showcase, held at The Troxy in east London.

The Troxy is a beautiful Art Deco theatre and music venue and was the perfect setting for the esteemed audience of nearly 2,000 industry greats and international guests there to witness an incredible evening of hair.

I was part of the Schwarzkopf ambassadorial artistic team, helping Schwarzkopf’s global director Tyler Johnston, global colour queen Lesley Jennison and American celebrity hair guru Kim Vo. Our day started at 6am sharp with a briefing from Tyler who single-handedly creates every image for Schwarzkopf – each and every one more on-trend and more cutting-edge than the last.

Our brief was to help recreate the iconic Essential Looks from this season: Colorama, Opulence, Beat Icon and Hollywood BlondMe. These new incredible collections of cuts, colors and styling will set the trend for all we hairdressers for 2017 and beyond, so the pressure was on. With a tight schedule, more than 50 models and a huge production team we set to work creating amazing looks in preparation for the evening show. With make-up, full dress reherasals, choreography and the hairdressing press all backstage with us it really was a hive of chaotic, creative lunacy that I loved every single second of

With showtime fast approaching, the audience took their seats. And with the show being broadcast live across social media channels, the atmosphere was electric. Watching it all unfold on the monitors backstage, it was an amazing show and a memory I’ll never forget. It was a true career highlight that I was honoured to be a part of.

Cream’s Artistic Director Dean Brindley was on the other side, taking in the spectacular show. Here’s what he had to say.

It all kicked off with Shirley Bassey’s Big Spender, accompanied by go go dancers who set the scene for a big night of entertainment. First up were the amazing hair artists X-presion Creativos with their Pixel and Skyline colour work, which was just incredible. Check out their Instagram at @xpresioncreativos.

They were followed by Hooker & Young and then session guru and global hair icon John Vial from Salon Sloane. Then there was a Schwarzkopf BlondMe battle between Lesley Jennison and celeb stylist Kim Vo. They created some stunning blondes from rosé to icy silver. And then it was the main man Tyler with a creation of the epic new Schwarzkopf Essential Looks collection.

It’s well worth checking out.

After the the incredible show, it was time for one of Schwarzkopf’s famous after-parties. But being a true gent, I couldn’t possibly talk about that…..It was a great night with truly inspirational hair work and a great night had by Will and I.

Hands-on colour with Scott Smurthwaite and Dean Brindley at COLOURWORLDUK.

Hands-on colour with Scott Smurthwaite and Dean Brindley at COLOURWORLDUK.

Last weekend saw the UK’s hair colour giants host their annual event, COLOURWORLDUK.

It’s where the industry’s top colourists, ambassadors and business gurus gather to share knowledge and the latest techniques.

The scene is set for this showcase in the hip surroundings of London’s Shoreditch. It’s staged in an old, brick motors warehouse, and an iron beams, floor-to-ceiling windows kind of place.

There are no rows or runways – mostly, it involves short 20-minute seminars from the cream of UK hairdressing, sharing their experience and the stuff that’s made them great. Skyler London, Francesco Group, Richard Ward and The Chapel were among the dozens of salon businesses there.

We watched some really creative work with a lot of onus on pastels and bright colours. Scott led an inspirational talk on the business side of colour, and the importance of colour to the world of hairdressing. There was even a talk from the godfather of hairdressing, Trevor Sorbie himself.

All in all, an inspirational day was had by all – and the after-party wasn’t too bad either!

Thinking of changing your colour? Come and see our expert colorists in our award-winning Cream salons in Cheltenham or Gloucester. Visit for details of our latest collections, and to book online.

Your big day....

Your big day....

The whole wedding season thing doesn’t really apply in the same way any more, because we’re seeing beautiful brides leaving the salon all year round.
That said the next couple of months are still definitely the busier months for that all-important hair do. So here’s what we’ve been seeing on the runway, in magazines and in the salons…..

Boxer braids
Katharine Polk’s Houghton NYC show was all about the cool, long, sleek, tight boxer braids, a la Kim Kardashian.

Top knot
At Carolina Herrera, top knots were anything but taut. Instead, each was frayed to frame the face.

Natural waves
Monique Lhuillier went for the pretty girl-next-door look with loose waves with a centre parting, accessorised with crowns, bands and coronets.

Maze braids
Fancy a new take on the romantic chignon? Take a note from Lela Rose Bridal Spring 2017. Loads of braids added drama at the back, but kept all the attention focused on the face from the front. This is the bridal equivalent of business in the front, party in the back.

So as expected we have seen braids, twists, buns, knots and waves this season and less of the “traditional” bridal styles of the past. But just remember, it’s your day and it’s all about you and what you want. It’s always best to have a clear view on what you want on your day so having one, two or more trials is a must in our opinion. Whatever you go for, own it! And have a fabulous day.

Come and see our award-winning bridal teams in our Cheltenham and Gloucester salons, and we’ll make you feel a million dollars on your big day, and beyond. For all our collections – including our collaboration with renowned designer Chanticleer Brides, visit

Outlandish fashion, weird hair, space-age beauty...there's nothing like the annual Met Gala.

Outlandish fashion, weird hair, space-age beauty...there's nothing like the annual Met Gala.

So we’ve just seen the Metropolitan Museum of Art host the annual Met Gala in New York. It’s a star-studded benefit, the most lavish event in the east coast social calendar, which draws anyone who is anyone. Except Jay Z, but that’s another story.

The Met Gala is the perfect place to see the latest in fashion, hair, beauty and nail trends. This time we had Cara Delevingne with silver-painted hair to match her silver Chanel suit, Katy Perry rocking her new blonde crop and wearing a very elaborate Galliano gown, and Donatella Versace sporting the new yellow hair trend. As for Rhianna…her take on an 18th century punk was quite something.

And Maggie Gyllenhaal sported a crystal-encrusted, all-over-sequin tabard with matching trousers in bottle green and purple. No, us neither.
Anyway, they were just a few of the show-stoppers.

So why not take a look at the highlights of the event for inspiration for your next visit to the salon? Here’s Vogue’s take on the best-dressed of 2017.

But the meantime, head to for a gallery of our latest collections, from classic bridal looks to Hollywood glamour, the androgynous Beat Icon and even Donatella’s bonkers yellow locks.

Yes, it’s really a thing.

It's fine!

It's fine!

Did you know that 60% of people in the UK consider themselves to have fine hair? If that’s the case for you, writes Cream’s Artistic Director Dean Brindley, here are some things you might not know…

1. Contrary to what a lot of my clients think you don’t have to wash your hair every day to get rid of the oil build-up. There are products like dry shampoos and mattifying powders which will help a tremendous amount on that second or third day.

2. Freshly-washed fine hair is often too soft and flyaway, so you need some good products to help control those wayward strands.
Using the right shampoo is a must. Using a product that’s too moisturising will leave your hair lifeless and heavy, and using a shampoo which is too clarifying may leave your hair dry and under-nourished.

Take your stylist’s advice – we know your hair, and we can prescribe exactly the right products for you.

3. When it comes to styling, the first thing I always advise is you need some “grip” to make your hair do what you tell it to do. So a good blow-dry product is essential, no matter however you style your hair.

4. Certain hair cuts can also help, as can colours, but professional guidance is key to achieving the best result for you look and hair type.
So why not pop by and have a chat with one of our experienced stylists in our Cheltenham or Gloucester salons for a complete, professional consultation on cut and colour – and the best Schwarzkopf Professionalaftercare specifically tailored to your hair?

Spring forward with incredible colour

Spring forward with incredible colour

With all that gorgeous weather over the bank holiday weekend, we’re now well and truly into spring – so let’s embrace the colours of spring too.

Look around and you’ll see all sorts of fresh new colours at this time of year, be it in fashion, make-up or even hair.

You only have to look at Schwarzkopf Professional’s latest collections to know that there’s a world of amazing colour out there just waiting to transform your hair.

The Essential Looks: Modern Ikon collection is incredible, and we absolutely love it.

OPULENT is a a contemporary take on 1950s glamour with rich, warm, feminine, luxurious tones.

BEAT ICON takes its inspiration from the fashion icons of the Sixties, with strong shades of browns and smudges of muted blondes giving an almost androgynous look.

COLORAMA is a colour-popping trend for the non-conformist. Whether it’s colour clashes, loud accents or full-on brights, this is a wow. Basically, anything goes if you’re brave enough.

So if you feel like embracing the change of the season, why not be brave and go for that complete colour change, or even just a new take on your existing look?

For inspiration, check out Schwarzkopf’s Essential Looks pages here – and then pop into our salons in Cheltenham or Gloucester for a complimentary consultation with one of our award-winning colour experts.

You can book at or call 01242 579609 or 01452 305926.

Who’s heading off on holiday this Easter?

Who’s heading off on holiday this Easter?

Take care of your hair like you would your skin, says Artistic Director Dean Brindley…

For many of you lucky people, jetting off to warmer climates isn’t just for the summer. The Easter holidays are upon us, and lots of you are heading off to the sun. And after a very brief spell of British heat last weekend – Sunday turned out to be the hottest day of 2017 – it got me thinking, how many people actually protect their from the elements?

We need to look at our hair differently when it comes to the sun. Think of it like your skin. It needs to be cleansed, moisturised and looked after. You wouldn’t got out in the sun without a sunscreen on your skin, so you shouldn’t go out without some protection for your hair and to stop your from burning under all those UV rays. There are a huge range of professional sun care products for your hair out there.

So it’s time to take care of your hair while you’re in this glorious sunshine.

I recommend Schwarzkopf Professional sun protect range, Bonacure. There’s shimmer oil, spray conditioner, a treatment and shampoo to keep your tresses in tip-top condition.

Come and see us in our Cheltenham and Gloucester salons and we’ll prescribe the perfect products for you, whenever you’re heading off to the sun. And if you fancy a change of colour, or style, for your holiday, we’re here to make it happen.

Visit to see our latest collections, or call us on 01242 579609 or 01452 305926 to book a no-obligation consultation.

Professional products or supermarket finds? Which wins the haircare battle? Cream's artistic director Dean Brindley wades into the debate...

Professional products or supermarket finds? Which wins the haircare battle? Cream's artistic director Dean Brindley wades into the debate...

There has been a debate raging for many years about whether professional hair products are actually that much better than the shampoos, conditioners and treatments you buy in the supermarket.

I know what I think – it’s professionally-developed products all the way – and I could go on and on about it. But instead I thought I’d ask our team at Cream and my clients.

1. They last – “Salon products use more high-end ingredients that last longer and are better for you hair.
Sophie G – Cream, Gloucester.

2. They protect your colour – “I wouldn’t want to ruin my lovely colour with the wrong and cheap products.”
Ms Clarke – Long standing Cream Gloucester client.

3. They’re great value for money – “It’s about value. You can spend £70 on a dress that you will probably only wear once, or £20 on a treatment that makes your hair look fabulous for weeks.”
Selina S – Cream Operations Manager

4. They’re all about the science – “Most high street store hair products are purely cosmetic and, although they can make your hair look shinier and perhaps healthier, they have no real long term benefit to the condition of you hair. Professional products are prescriptive products, developed with far greater research and technical ability to rebuild and make a proven longer-term difference to your hair quality. They should only be prescribed by hairdressers as they are far more technically advanced and have a bespoke approach to each customer’s individual hair needs.”
Scott Smurthwaite – Cream Managing Director

And here’s what one of our regular clients says…

I recently revisited my decision to buy salon products, wondering if I was just wasting my money thinking I was buying better products for my hair, so I did a bit of research online. I read lots of reasons that I already had in my mind so will continue doing so. The reasons I buy salon shampoo and conditioner are this. Salon products are more concentrated so definitely last longer than regular products, so per wash it probably works about the same. Salon shampoos have a higher concentration of vitamins, natural oils and minerals. Regular products have more chemicals and water. Their fillers, polyamides and sulphates do make my hair feel soft on the outside but aren’t actually doing much to the inside (if anything at all).

These chemicals build up over time and make my hair dull until I change to another brand. Now I always use the same salon products time after time and this never happens. I like to support my local hair salon, the owner and the employees. I want the business to be successful and develop, improve their facilities and my salon experience, get the best stylists available, send their staff for training on the latest techniques, etc.

I feel as if I am putting my money back into the salon industry and not just to the supermarket. My stylist, who I trust with my hair, is giving me good advice on what products I should use to get the results I want. I pay good money to have my hair cut, coloured and styled so why use inferior products in between visits to the salon?In short, as with most things in life, you get what you pay for.
Angie S – Cream Cheltenham client

So as you can see, among those in the know, there really isn’t much debate at all and the Schwarzkopf products we use on our clients are second to none. For professional-quality haircare, prescribed for your individual needs, come and see us in Bath Road, Cheltenham, or St Aldate Street, Gloucester, for an expert consultation.

Visit to book online, or give us a call on 01242 579609 or 01452 305926.

It's all about the hair accessory...

It's all about the hair accessory...

It’s going to be the summer of accessorising our locks. Whether it’s a ring braid or stacked barrettes, I think there will be a lot of variations going on. But one thing’s for sure… the floral crown of last spring/summer is about to be replaced with the tiara.

Yes, you heard that right. The tiara.

A whole bunch of celebs have been spotted wearing a tiara of late. Rita Ora, Maisie Williams and Janelle Monae all rocked theirs at The Oscars.

So do check out your High Street stores or high-end designers for the one that catches your eye.

But one word of warning. Do remember that butterfly clip belongs at home for those lazy days in front of the TV. A bit like slippers. And you wouldn’t wear those in public, would you?

PS Talking of tiaras, are you getting married this summer? Cream’s bridal packages range from stunning put-ups to beautiful blow-dries for you and all of your wedding party. Call 01242 579609 or 01452 305925 to ask about our wedding hair services, or visit for full details.

Image: Samantha gown, part of the Anniversary Collection. Chanticleer, Regent Street, Cheltenham

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